Digital Content that is purchased by a User through the Website is not eligible for cancellation, return and/or exchange. All terms capitalised but not defined herein shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the Website User Terms and Conditions.
In exceptional cases, a User may re-download Digital Content or avail a refund or a replacement of the User’s Digital Content by following the procedure stated herein. Information regarding whether a User is eligible to avail any of these options is set out in detail in the “Re-Downloading of Orders”, “Refund of Orders” and “Replacement on Orders” in the sections below.
I.   Cancellation of Orders

An order placed for Digital Content by a User, through the Website cannot be cancelled once the payment is received by

II.   Return of Orders

Digital Content purchased by a User through the Website cannot be returned once the payment is received. A User however does have the option to edit and/or delete the items in his/her cart at any time before payment for the Digital Content has been completed. description of all Digital Content is available to the User on the Website, to make it easier and simpler for the User to make an informed decision before purchasing any Digital Content through Website.

III.   Exchange of Orders

Digital Content purchased by a User through Website shall be licensed to such User after the payment has been successfully received by Hence, whatever Digital Content that a User purchases from the Website is made available to such User until the end of the rental period. It is explicitly stated that such Digital Content that is licensed to the User by cannot be exchanged/ remitted for any other Digital Content or purchase.


IV.   Re-Downloading of Orders


If the Digital Content becomes corrupt or requires replacement during the normal course of use, it can be re-downloaded from the User’s account, provided the time stamp is valid. The maximum number of downloads that a User is permitted for each Digital Content purchased through the Website is 3 (three).
V.  Replacement of Orders

If the Digital Content purchased by User does not perform as described, that is:

·       the download cannot be initiated,

·       the downloaded file is crashing, or

·       the downloaded file is corrupt or the downloaded file got deleted before its expiry and is not getting re-downloaded by the method stated above,

then in such case a User can write to us at mentioning the User’s order number and a screenshot of the defect found. Whether a User is eligible for a replacement copy of his/her purchase, is a decision that is entirely up to our discretion. 

VI.   Refund on Orders

Any issue other than the performance of a User’s Digital Content that can be resolved with a refund, will be decided by on a case to case basis, however the mode of refund would be a remittal of an amount equivalent to the User’s purchase into the User’s wallet. Whether the User’s case is fit for a refund of the amount of purchase is a decision at our sole discretion.