Nobu.Store – Self-Timed Data (STD) Option for Digital Contents is a patented technology of Mr. Nobuyoshi Morimoto, promoter of OceanNet Co. Ltd.

About OceanNet Co. Ltd. 

OceanNet Co. Ltd. (ONC) is a leading developer and provider of Software applications and solutions in the emerging domains of Fintech, Logistics, E-Retailing, E-Commerce and Blockchains using our OWN PATENTED processes. 

ONC is the development and delivery hub for the products and solutions globally.

Utilising this patented technology, we have developed an application that provides an Online E-book renting experience which allows for ‘Rental time based’ deliveries with auto expiry of the Digital Content.

It is easy to use and gives you the immediate option of renting out any digital pdf content from E-books to comics, magazines to journals.

Our solution can mean you can reach a larger target market, a second option in renting E-book versions at nominal prices. It is a powerful, effective and economical tool for the launch of new authors and book promotions with smaller budgets.

About Nobu.Store

Nobu.Store is an e-publishing solution for any digital PDF format like e-paper, e-magazines, e-books, e-journals, e-comics & e-text books all within the same application.

Nobu.Store manages the rental service of E-books, magazines, comics and journals, all as text books, giving new options to publishers to rent their book instead of only selling.  Which means it is a much cheaper option for subscribers/readers. 

It provides the best solution for reading on Desktop, Mobile and Tablet Devices.

It provides for a secure encrypted digital PDF format for the content, along with Time encryption, which allows for Time based deliveries. 

The benefits are in the monetizing of content in a safer and faster way, allowing for deeper connection with your target markets. 

It is the best website for your DATA PROTECTION POLICY.

Nobu.Store protects the text content from piracy and illegal copying, which causes loss to authors/publishers/ professionals.  With Nobu.Store you can be reassured, that risk is minimised. 

Nobu.Store is a self-managed, automated and seamless process for renting and transacting.

Vision and Goal of Nobu.Store: 

Our vision is to provide a seamless solution for the self-managed, automated, time-bound renting and transacting of your data, whilst guarding your data protection rights at Nobu.Store.

The amount of data created and stored around the world continues to grow at unprecedented rates.  At Nobu.Store we know this only increases the importance of finding new ways to protect your data.    

We believe the key solution to this is data lifecycle management.  Here at Nobu.Store we offer this protection from piracy and illegal copying, for all your Digital PDF Content.  Your data will simply disappear from your NOBUREADER application at whichever time you specify, delivering you a safe and secure encryption and complete peace of mind.

The Story Behind Nobu.Store

Nobu.Store idea was initialised by Mr. Nobuyoshi Morimoto (Nobu) way back in the year 2000 and the same was patented in USA.

Nobu lived and breathed time machines and he soon realised the answer to his calling in the future was in timestamp technology, so he filed for patents to protect his inventions.

Nobu was determined to establish a more effective and profitable route for publishing and for protecting people’s data from piracy and illegal copying.  His solution was an application that allows data to disappear from a reading application, at the desired time encrypted by the originator of the content. This remains a core tenet of Nobu.Store's mission - making content creation and deletion of data a simpler and more rewarding experience for people around the world.