The Gold Man From The East (English Version)
Plan-B Too Big To Hide
Fiction-Business & Finance
Pages :  224

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Nobu Su grew up on the docks of Taiwan and Japan, sailing between both countries on his father’s banana boat. His young life was filled with ships and the sea and that love of the oceans still plays a large part in his life today. Ask him and he’ll speak about the joy of standing on the deck with the salt wind blowing against his face and the soft swell of the waves undulating under his feet.

The boy grew up learning the shipping business from his father and he was an astute student. When his father passed away, he took over the reins and, as boss of Today Makes Tomorrow (TMT), he turned a small marine transportation company into a multi-billion dollar global enterprise.

Nobu Su has always been a flamboyant and colourful character, larger than life in many ways, and he became a force to be reckoned with in international shipping circles, rivalling the established Greeks and Scandinavians. However, the doyens of the deep didn’t like this interloper – this outsider – this upstart, muscling his way into their territory and they conspired to bring him down.

When the financial crisis of 2008 hit the fiscal fans, Nobu Su’s company, TMT, fell victim to the greed of the big banks, with the complicity of some of his competitors in the shipping industry. TMT’s accounts were used as a Plan B in case the banks failed to blackmail governments into introducing Quantitative Easing. Nobu’s business was used to get Federal Reserve money in the form of PDCF (Primary Dealer Credit Facility) funds and was manipulated in an effort to save some of the banks.

After ten years of investigating what happened, Nobu Su has written The Gold Man From The East, the first in a series of books that reveal what goes on behind the scenes in the boardrooms of large financial institutions and how a small connected group of people can manipulate the global economy for their own advantage.

The Gold Man From The East is an outspoken exposé which pulls no punches. It’s the real story of the world’s biggest financial scandal and presents the facts as you’ve never known them – until now! 

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